"Wikipedia for spies"

"Wikipedia for spies"

Being dirt-tired and bloodshot-eyed courtesy of Kim Jong-il (nice rocketilellite or whatever that was) and two kids who view sleep as an enemy to be exterminated at all costs, I’ve been a passive reader the past few days, despite having plenty to write about in the pan.

There’s some interesting stories out there at the moment though. I think journalists at major publications like the two I link to below are feeling the challenge of sharp writing on popular blogs and booming sites such as the Huffington Post and generally making more of an effort with their work.

This is a fascinating read on the CIA’s creation of an “Intellipedia” or “Wikipedia for spies.” (Whoever hacks that is going to be in for an absolute treat. It must be doable… Someone please hack that site and put it all up in Wikileaks!)

This is a perceptive and well balanced account of policing at the G2o summit by Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake. Read it and have a tiny little bit of faith in democracy and parliament restored.

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