About this blog

Dear diary: stay at home.  The posts on this blog may betray many flaws but I hope solipsism is not one of them, even if self-indulgence may well be.  Here, I hope to help (in however small a way) propagate the broader circulation of news that does not get the attention it deserves; to offer up a miscellany of issues that interest yours truly, including in no particular order: civil liberties, the politics of the Korean peninsula and British Isles, genetic engineering, religion and rationality, the environment in any sense of that word, poetry that makes your brain sizzle and music that makes your ears sting.

Enjoy. Jamblichus.  March 13th 2009.

Four years later, is it time for an “about” update? I’m a journalist, now based in the UK, with a diverse range of interests. This blog is a scrapbook of notes, links, creative writing, agitating and polemics. Some of my interests remain constant: civil liberties, energy policy, biodiversity, poetry, concern at abuse of power, etc. Some posts may seem odd (the “passings” section is based primarily on deaths that I covered whilst working on local papers; the stories sometimes needed to be told in a different way to the clipped prose of a page lead). Other interests have metamorphosed; there’s probably more energy policy, more aimless vignettes…

Anyhow, enjoy. Jamblichus. December 11th. 2013.


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